Mecca Belongs To All Muslims, And Saudi Arabia Shouldnt Be Allowed To Run It

Mecca Belongs To All Muslims, And Saudi Arabia Shouldnt Be Allowed To Run It

Complicating matters for Muslims has been France’s principle of secularism, called laïcité, which established a firewall between state and church. While the government regards itself as strictly neutral before all faiths, the law effectively made the state the biggest landlord of Roman Catholic churches in France and the guardian of cultural Roman Catholicism.

  • Hassan al-Turabi who later became the “éminence grise” in the government of Sudanese president Jaafar Nimeiri spent several years in exile in Saudi Arabia.
  • Part of his policy to `Islamize` Pakistan was a campaign to expand religious education with funds for thousands of new madrases.
  • Also in the 1980s, several hundred youth left Algeria for the camps of Peshawar to fight jihad in Afghanistan.
  • By contrast, it owns and maintains 12 percent of Protestant buildings, 3 percent of synagogues and no mosques.

In recent weeks, the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company has entered into a memorandum of understanding with Saudi based ACWA Power and Masdar to explore the growth of renewable energy in the country 500 MW worth of solar projects are meant to be evaluated in this regard. Egypts geographic location makes solar energy very attractive; however, at the end of 2013, it had only 20 MW of installed solar energy capacity.

Religion In The Public Schools

“These were European mosques, and not a single mosque was rebuilt by Europe,” says Muhammad Jusic of the Islamic Community, the Sarajevo-based organisation that manages Bosnia’s Muslim affairs. Mr Erdogan, in particular, is reaping the dividends from restoring Sarajevo’s Ottoman mosques. When he visited the city last year, Bosnia’s president, Bakir Izetbegovic, hailed him as God’s messenger.

Morocco: King Hassan Ii Mosque, Casablanca

The first (and accounting for about one-tenth of the existing solar energy capacity) has been thermal storage whereby sunlight is concentrated as heat and then can be used for producing steam to power turbines. The second, and more widespread, form of solar energy is electricity produced by photovoltaic cells. The IEA recently noted that the cost of solar panels has decreased by a factor of five in the past six years. The cost is further expected to halve in the next 20 years making solar a viable long term option as countries explore various avenues to reduce dependence on fossil-fuel-based energy. In the center of the capital, only Et’hem Bey Mosque had survived the Hoxha era, and it has room for just a few dozen at prayer time. Come festivals and holy days, worshippers had to gather outside, in Skanderbeg Square. So in 2010, the city’s mayor, Edi Rama, approved the construction of a new mosque, funded by the Diyanet.

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